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Most Common Services

Castrol Oil+Filter Change - $40

Regular oil changes and maintenance are one of the most essential requirements in keeping your vehicle well serviced. We only use Castrol, the leading engine oil brand, for all of our valued customers.

4-Wheel Alignment - $50

Proper wheel alignment specs and angles are necessary to avoid tire wear and pulling while driving. Our state-of-the-art John Bean laser wheel alignment system will ensure that your wheels are to manufacturer specs.

Castrol Oil / Filter + Maintenance Package - $100

This is our semi-annual service package. Our full maintenance package covers all the essentials needed to ensure your vehicle is properly maintained. This package includes a Castrol oil and filter change, tire rotation, brake inspection, tire pressure fill up, fluid level check, battery charge check, and a belt/hose inspection.

Seasonal Tire Change - $10/wheel or $20/tire

Ensuring your tires are ready for winter is critical to the safety of you and your family and the performance of your vehicle. For a limited time, tire changes are $20/tire (including balancing) and wheel swaps are $10/wheel. Prices may vary for larger tire sizes and low profile tires.

Drive Clean Emissions Testing - Free

Ontario's Drive Clean is a vehicle emissions testing program to reduce smog and its harmful effects on the air we breathe. Normally, testing is required once ever two years.

Safety Standard Inspection Certificate - $120

A safety standards certificate is required to register and plate any motor vehicle. We are a licensed Ministry of Transportation Motor Vehicle Inspection Station and can issue you the safety certificate.

Muffler and Exhaust Work - From $39

Whether it’s a leaking muffler or a full exhaust system install, our technicians can have the job done right. With our own in-house hydraulic exhaust shaping system, we are able to provide very low prices for our customers.

Transmission Oil Change -From $60

For optimal transmission protection, a change of transmission fluid and filter is required every 48K kilometers, with newer vehicles lasting over 160K kilometers (Dexron III fluid). We use OEM fluids direct from the manufacturer.

Full Brake Pads+Labour- From $99

Keeping healthy Brake pads are one of the most important aspects of vehicle safety. Come see us to have your brake pads replaced, which includes a 1 year warranty.

Air Conditioning Refill + Leak Test - $110

We are equipped with A/C refill and leak testing equipment to ensure your vehicle has the right amount of gases so it can send out cold air. The air conditioning refill is $60 and the leak test is $50.

All Other Mechanical Services

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