Remote Starter

Why you could use one...


Warms up your vehicle while you are indoors (home/shopping/office)


It will melt away ice and snow build up on your windows while it is warming up


It saves you time and adds convenience to your day during our harsh Winters

Our premium brands

We carry CompuStar and AutoStart remote starter and alarm systems with over 3000 feet of range. Our 1-way remote starter systems start at $250 with installation. We also carry various other brands, so feel free to ask us.

All of our work carries a a lifetime warranty on labour and a 1-year warranty on parts

CompuStar or AutoStart 1-Way Remote Starter
$250 including installation


CompuStar or AutoStart 2-Way Remote Starter
$325 including installation


Remote Starter Installation Only
$99 Labour



CompuStar 1-Way G9 (RF-1WG9-SP)

Other models available


Offer valid until May 31, 2015. Generally, vehicles 1996 and higher will require a bypass module for $99.

Got Questions?

Due to the high demand for this service, our electrician is generally occupied with installations throughout the day. Please e-mail any questions to, and our tech can respond to you generally within a few hours.

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