Importing and Shipping

Frequently asked questions

We need a copy of the bill of sale and a copy of the title to get started, as well as the pickup and drop off locations.

Our fleet has $300,000 insurance coverage with no dedutible to you. We are pleased to say that we have a perfect record of zero incidents.

All vehicles are transported either on an open multi-car carrier or an enclosed carrier to our lot near the border/customs. Once cleared by customs, vehicles are generally delivered to your home, or to our facility on a flat bed (enclosed carrier available here as well).

The only time your vehicle is driven is when it is driven up the multi-car carrier and driven off when unloaded.

Our drivers perform a full walkaround of the vehicle and note any scuffs, scratches and damage. This inspection is signed off by the seller and if any issues are noted upon delivery, it will be covered by our insurance once compared to the inspection document.

No, we can pick up the vehicle from anywhere. We offer door-to-door service so we can pick it up and deliver it straight to your door.

We are a licensed Motor Vehicle Inspection Station. We perform the mechanical safety standards certification in-house at our facility.

We are an accredited Drive Clean Emissions testing station. We perform the emissions testing in-house at our facility.

The federal inspection is done at Canadian Tire. One of our technicians will take the car to a nearby Canadian Tire (a 3 blocks away). Alternatively, you have the option to take the vehicle there yourself as well.

We can provide short and long term storage solutions for all kinds of vehicles. Our secured facility is located in Scarborough, Ontario.

We accept via Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Bitcoin or Certified Bank Draft.

Yes, we provide recall clearance letters for all makes, including BMW, Mini, Porsche, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and more. We obtain our recall letters through our provider Recall Check (

Yes, we provide the option for our clients to select exactly which services they require if they are not interested in the complete coverage package.