Winter and All Season Tire Sale

For a limited time, we have a clearance sale on all winter and all season tires. We proudly carry the following brands:

Limited time pricing: The following tires are in stock now

All Season Tires (Intertracâ„¢)

205/55R16 - $54 (IN STOCK)
215/60R16 - $63 (IN STOCK)
215/65R16 - $69 (IN STOCK)
225/65R17 - $88 (IN STOCK)

Winter Tires (Intertracâ„¢)

205/55R16 - $62 (IN STOCK)
215/60R16 - $72 (IN STOCK)

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We also provide these optional services:

Tire Installation $20/tire

Tire installation includes removal of your old tires and wheel balancing

Tire Rotation - $50

Semi-annual tire rotation ensures even tire wear which will extend the life of your tires.

Wheel Balancing - $12.50/wheel

During a wheel alignment is an ideal time to have your wheels balanced.

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